London Screen Academy

Assistant Principal: Professional Qualifications

Highbury East, London (Greater)
L11 £65,168 - L18 £75,730 pa
13 Sep 2023
09 Oct 2023
Subject Area
Media Studies
Contract Type
Full Time

The Assistant Principal for Professional Qualifications will join us at an exciting time. As the newest part of our provision, we have spent the last two years developing an Outstanding Level 4 and Apprenticeship professional qualifications offer, in addition to our established Level 3 provision. This role is truly unique within the education landscape with the aim of creating a ‘school within a school’ at LSA which provides exceptional progression opportunities for young people that are tied directly into industry, delivering a talent pipeline in a way that is aligned to our LSA values.

We believe that students should be prepared to leave LSA equipped and ready for work in the creative industries. The aim of the professional qualifications department is to achieve three key aims. Firstly, offer unique progression opportunities which act to build and solidify the skillsets of students graduating from our Level 3 programme or exceptional external candidates. Secondly, to offer opportunities for adults to access industry standard short courses to upskill them for new roles. And thirdly to offer professional qualifications which supplement the current offer at LSA where industry accredited qualifications will help support young people into work, for example helping our current students achieve industry qualifications such as the Avid Media Composer 101 or Adobe Certified Associate courses.

This role will be responsible for overseeing our successful Level 4 provision which comprises around 100 students studying either Film Production or Creative Enterprise. The Film Production pathway offers students a one year curriculum to hone their skills within a specific department whilst working collaboratively to create a budgeted, high quality short film. The Creative Enterprise pathway is also a one year course which aims to incubate talent to generate new creative businesses or set up young creatives as freelancers within the creative industry by developing their knowledge of the business and supporting them with creative briefs from industry.

The Level 4 provision is uniquely woven into industry, with industry executives and highly experienced professionals being closely involved in the courses. This creates an exceptional experience for students on the course to learn directly from industry professionals, but makes the course uniquely challenging as working so closely with industry means there are very high expectations. The first short film our Level 4 Film Production students created was nominated in numerous categories and won the Best Drama award at the student RTS awards with all other films coming from third year university undergraduates. This is a testament to what we can achieve and speaks to the high expectations that this role would provide.

The role will also be responsible for further developing the ‘professional qualifications’ vision for the school. Currently LSA has offered a small Apprenticeship provision and some limited short courses. However there is now a unique opportunity to review what the potential for this aspect of LSA can be and build the school within a school concept which could eventually evolve into its own campus or at least make use of the significant resource and opportunity that LSA provides through our building, facilities and connectivity with industry. This might include further Apprenticeships, short courses, adult education and more, depending on the vision the post holder brings to the role.

The candidate for this post will manage the course leader for the Level 4 course who themselves manages a small team of teachers who deliver the programme. The post holder will be expected to work up a business case for the expansion of the professional qualifications offer and pending successful proposals will have the opportunity to add to this team over time to build the professional qualifications department.

We are truly thrilled to be looking for this exciting new candidate to join LSA and our Senior Leadership team. The opportunity to create the best education possible, whilst having the genuine connections with industry that lead to authentic outcomes for our wonderful students is a genuine joy and privilege.

If you would like to have an informal chat about the role or have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in contact. We look forward to hearing from you.

Role Purpose + Description

The successful candidate will have significant responsibility in developing and managing the professional and short course portfolio at the London Screen Academy. This is still a relatively new provision with the expectation for significant opportunity for growth in the next 3 - 5 years. This role will be a unique role for someone with the drive and vision to establish a relevant and high-quality provision that complements the current successful Level 3 offer at LSA.

In line with LSA's vision to create stories that change the world, we want to create learning and progression experiences which provide the inspiration and trajectory for LSA students to enter the creative industries.

LSA currently has an established 16-19 Level 3 provision of over 700 students. As a new institution which opened in September 2019, we are still going through a period of rapid growth in order to scale to the size we need to create local and national impact on the UK creative industries. A crucial part of achieving this vision is to develop a progression pipeline through additional formal and informal training opportunities which sit outside of the existing Level 3 offer.

The role has three key areas you will be responsible for developing and managing:

  • Level 4 Professional Diploma courses
  • Apprenticeship programmes
  • Short and part time courses

Level 4 Professional Diploma courses

In September 2021 we launched our first Level 4 Professional Diploma course. We now have two courses with around 100 students. These courses are designed for progressing Level 3 students who want to further develop themselves as creative professionals and hone their skills to support their entry into employment in the industry. The ambition is to grow the provision steadily and potentially to expand to include additional Level 4 programmes or Higher Education partnership delivery in the future.

As part of this role, you would be:

  • Expert in post 18 training and qualification landscape
  • Strong knowledge of post 18 student funding options
  • High levels of experience in the creative industry
  • Strong connections to creative industry employers and awareness of entry level jobs
  • Course leading the programme in the initial setup and delivery
  • Strong capability to design the curriculum and direct the course content
  • Working with recruitment and marketing team to recruit and assess students
  • Recruit and assess teachers for the programme
  • Strategic development of programme to ensure growth targets are met

Apprenticeship programmes

LSA is an approved apprenticeship training provider (ATP) and have ambitions to support growth of apprenticeships within the creative industries by working with employers to develop standards and training required. LSA started the delivery of our first apprenticeship in September 2021, beginning with the Camera Prep Technician Standard. Our ambition is to add additional apprenticeship training contracts to our portfolio as opportunities arise and new standards are written to become the 'go-to' training provider for the screen industries. This role will be ensuring the high quality delivery and success of the apprenticeship and actively working to develop further relationships with employers.

As part of this role, you would be:

  • Expert in Apprenticeship delivery and administration
  • Strong understanding of apprenticeship funding model and apprenticeship landscape
  • Strong understanding of end point assessment (EPA) and relevant quality assurance processes
  • Able to course lead programme during initial setup
  • Able to work with employers to devise and manage student recruitment
  • Strong network of creative industry employers and ability to work collaboratively to develop apprenticeship standards

Short and part time courses

LSA has run some initial successful trials of short and part time courses, including a successful Saturday club and BSC Camera training weekend course. We believe there is significant potential to grow this provision to include evening, weekend and out of term time courses for schools, existing students and adults in the future.

Short courses

At LSA we want to ensure that students are able to gain all qualifications that might be relevant to them. We also want to ensure that the facility we have at LSA is opened to the local community and used as a space to positively influences and upskill this community. You will be responsible for the curation and coordination of a menu of additional short courses that are offered to students at LSA (for example Avid training, electrical safety training, driving lessons etc) that will support their development. In addition to this, we have the ambition to run short professional courses for adults which would run out of hours and out of term time. You would be responsible for devising this programme and working with relevant awarding bodies to ensure compliance for award of the short courses.

Part time courses

A vital part of LSA’s impact will be around inspiring future generations of young creatives. The support this, we are building a series of part time courses for 8 -15 years old students that will take place at LSA. We already have agreements in place with the University of the Arts London (UAL) and the National Saturday Club to start delivery of two programmes from September 2021. You would be responsible for ensuring these programmes are successfully resourced and run. You will also be responsible for monitoring these programmes and identifying additional opportunities to expand the impact of these programme.

Core Responsibilities

As a part of the above roles, you will:

  • Work closely with the Vice Principal to ensure the design and delivery of the course is meeting the wider establishments vision
  • Manage a team of middle leaders and teachers
  • Ensure performance management is robust and leaders and teachers within the department are continually developing their practice
  • Ensure progress, attainment and destination data meets the ambitious targets LSA sets itself
  • Teach a reduced timetable
  • Manage the department meeting schedule to ensure the department operates cohesively
  • Collaborate with LSA’s industry partners to provide learning experiences and opportunities that align with LSA’s Vision and Values
  • Oversee the regular collection and use of data and other contextual information to evidence student progress towards intended outcomes and engage with target setting, differentiation, monitoring and intervention
  • Develop a department culture that takes an honest and open approach to teaching practice and welcome opportunities for feedback and development
  • Safeguard the wellbeing of all students

We are committed to diversifying the screen industries and increasing the diversity of our team is an important step towards this goal. We would especially welcome applicants who are from Black, Asian or Minority Ethnic groups, who are currently under-represented in our teaching staff. We welcome applicants from all backgrounds, of any sexual or gender identity, neuro-diverse applicants, adults of any age or religious belief and encourage applications from people with a disability.

For further information about the role please visit the vacancies section of our website via the apply link.