Plumbing Industry Specialists

Are you looking for a role where you can put into practise your extensive experience in plumbing? Would you like to earn a good salary that reflects your experience and industry knowledge? If yes, please read on…

We have an exciting opportunity to teach, train and assess both in the classroom and the workplace. You do not need any prior teaching experience (seriously!). We’ll support and train you so that, over time, you become as skilled a teacher as you are a plumber.

You’ll earn approx. £43 to £45k pa, with 47 days paid holiday (plus bank holidays) and become a member of the Teachers’ Pension scheme.

I have never taught before, how would I be supported?

If suitable you would join the college as a sector specialist teacher (SST). You would shadow another skilled teacher in your first 6 weeks of classroom teaching while you develop the skills required to deliver good teaching, learning and assessment. The teacher will run the class, carry out the administrative functions and support the structure of the delivery so that the class is co-delivered for the first few weeks. You will be able to focus on sharing your industry insight and bespoke experience.

Will I be assigned a Mentor to support me from day one?

Yes, successful specialist teachers would be assigned a mentor from the same subject area. The mentor would meet with you weekly, providing subject specific teaching materials, presentations and assessment materials.

Over time, you will take full responsibility for the classes you teach, including marking students’ work, preparing reports for parents, recruiting new students and developing resources with colleagues.

In this role, you will:
Teach groups of learners both on-line and in house including associated preparation and marking.
Arrange and supervise learners on student work programmes, educational visits and field trips.
Designs and prepares learning materials.
Assesses students, including formative and summative assessments and internal verification.

Apply now if this opportunity interests you! 

Closing date: 2nd October  

For further information about the role please visit the vacancies section of our website via the apply link.