Foundry Technician Apprentice

Employer Name: Lunts Castings Limited

The Foundry Technician Apprentice will be employed in 1 of 3 areas: Mouldmaking & Wax, Metal Finishing or Patina. For the right person, there is the opportunity to secure full time employment and progress to higher level qualifications.

The apprentice will be employed in 1 of 3 different departments although the qualification / study programme for all roles is the same.

This will include:

Mouldmaking & Wax Apprentice:

The mouldmaking and wax department produces moulds from the master under the guidance of our head of mouldmaking before waxes are produced for the edition or production run. This department also attaches all waxes to sprues and air gates before they are invested.

  • Preparing silicone for moulds
  • All stages of mouldmaking
  • Injecting, pouring, and painting waxes in moulds
  • Demoulding and cleaning waxes
  • Tidying and resculpting tiny details
  • Making runners and risers out of wax for sprues
  • Attaching waxes to sprues and air gates
  • Adhering to all H&S

Metal Finishing Apprentice (x2)

The finishing department is responsible for taking castings from the foundry, assembling them, and preparing them for pagination. The work involves both handwork using air tools as well as machine work such as finishing, polishing, and cutting.

  • Use an angle grinder to cut parts from the sprue
  • Fettle pieces to remove casting lines, sprue marks, and other feed connections.
  • Soldering and Welding
  • Assembling pieces according to the artist or designer’s vision
  • Grinding and finishing welds
  • Using air tools to resculpt parts of the piece
  • Sand blasting
  • Polishing and surface preparation
  • Adhering to all H&S

Patina Apprentice (x2)

The art of bronze patina involves colouring the metal using a variety of chemicals such as metal salts and acids. This department is responsible for the final finish of the piece and candidates will need to develop a good understanding of colour and the different techniques to apply it to the pieces.

  • Degreasing pieces
  • Preparing chemicals and mixing colours
  • Applying patina using a variety of hand methods such as spraying, painting, and
  • brushwork
  • Cold patina in baths and tanks
  • Applying waxes and lacquers to the finished piece
  • Adhering to all H&S

To apply for this role, please follow the link.