Assessor In Carpentry & Joinery

Department: Apprenticeships
Location: Balliol Building

In this role you will support the delivery of full apprenticeship frameworks to learners on College and employer sites and possess a relevant level 3 vocational qualification together with an A1 Assessor qualification. Experience of delivering and assessing competence-based training in the workplace and college environment is essential, together with demonstrable knowledge of work place qualifications.

Each vacancy has a set of competency requirements which, should you apply for the vacancy, you will be required to provide statements detailing how your skills or experience cover these requirements.

Contributes to Team Success
Please provide an example of a departmental or organisation wide initiative you have contributed to that demonstrates your ability to work effectively as a member of a team.

IT Competency
Please outline the IT systems you have used to underpin learning and assessment.

Teaching & Learning
In this role you will be expected to deliver "fun and unmissable" lessons. Please describe how you would meet this objective.

To apply for this role, please follow the apply link