Lecturer In Welding (0.13 FTE)

Hugh Baird College is a friendly, diverse and vibrant place to work where students and the local community are at the heart of everything we do.  This is a very exciting time to be joining our Buildings Services team at the College, whilst our course provision in this area continues to thrive and expand. To meet the growing demand for plumbing, applications are invited for the part-time role of Lecturer/Assessor in Plumbing. This role will be responsible for delivering high quality teaching and learning. Experience of full or part-time teaching up to Level 3, together with experience of designing and delivering content and/or learning materials within existing frameworks are both essential to this role. The ideal candidate will also possess an A1 Assessor qualification or equivalent.

Interview Arrangements

We will most likely interview from 8th-12th July.


Each vacancy has a set of competency requirements which, should you apply for the vacancy, you will be required to provide statements detailing how your skills or experience cover these requirements. 

Contributes to Team Success

Please provide an example of a departmental or organisation wide initiative you have contributed to that demonstrates your ability to work effectively as a member of a team.

IT Competency

Please outline the IT systems you have used to underpin learning and assessment.

Teaching & Learning

In this role you will be expected to deliver "fun and unmissable" lessons. Please describe how you would meet this objective.

Please apply via the link.