College and School Liaison Officer

Key responsibility:

To provide a comprehensive college and school liaison service in B&FC’s target areas which contributes to raising student aspirations and meeting student recruitment targets for Further Education, Higher Education and Apprenticeships.

Principal Duties:

1. To establish and cultivate productive working relationships with all target secondary schools, 6th forms and colleges to promote B&FC’s FE and HE provision; having account management responsibility for specific schools and colleges.

2. To build relationships within the local community through specific groups and develop community based activities to recruit the adult market to HE at B&FC.

3. To work with local agencies and the third sector to identify opportunities to promote B&FC and engage in a full range of outreach activities.

4. To further establish productive working relationships with careers teachers, advisers, other staff in schools as well as parents to promote B&FC and secure recruitment.

5. To tailor and deliver a range of college and school liaison activities internally and externally in schools, academies, local and regional colleges in line with the requirements of individual educational providers including talks/presentations, application workshops and school/college visits to B&FC.

6. Align external activities to the National Careers agenda to support young people in making decision relating to their future aspirations taking into account and working towards national priorities in careers education.

7. To attend internal and external events such as local and regional HE events, careers evenings and enrolments where there is an opportunity to promote B&FC to pupils, parents/guardians and members of the community many of which many will be evening events. Some events will occasionally require overnight stays.

8. To keep up-to-date with B&FC provision in order to offer information and advice on provision available.

9. To effectively evaluate and monitor the success of all B&FC and school liaison activity as assigned by the Partnerships and Careers Manager.

10. To generate and follow up leads identified at internal and external events to support B&FC in reaching its student recruitment targets.

11. To feedback intelligence gathered from external contacts to curriculum areas.

12. To represent B&FC and project a positive image.

13. To provide a quality service for both internal and external customers.

14. To work towards and contribute to the corporate aims of B&FC.

15. To represent B&FC at internal and/or external meetings as appropriate.

16. To have responsibility for liaising with specific curriculum areas to enable preparations for internal and external events.

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