David Game College

About David Game College

Established in 1974, David Game College has now become one of the leading Independent Colleges in London. In May 2017, David Game College was graded as ‘Outstanding’ in all five categories by Ofsted. We seek to offer a dynamic educational experience, providing students with the opportunity to learn and to develop new talents and skills. As a Private College for A level and GCSE courses, our structured environment enables students to obtain the results which they need to enter the university or career of their choice.

Our strategic vision is clear – select and develop the very best tutors and successfully blend traditional values with the most useful elements of modern technology for learning. With a focus on numeracy and literacy, we take care to make sure that students understand the importance of detail, without losing sight of the bigger picture. We encourage and foster a learning environment that is tolerant and respects the beliefs and values of all. In this regard, the College is non-denominational and welcomes everyone.

Values that unite the College include:

• Self-belief
• Endeavour and resilience
• Tolerance and respect for others
• Ambition
• Not being limited or defined by the past

We want our students to be optimistic about their futures and to be prepared to push themselves to achieve the extraordinary. For us there are no barriers to learning; students should be encouraged to break free from any limiting self-doubts, and not be constrained by the past.

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