Eastbourne College

About Eastbourne College

Eastbourne College exists to provide the best possible education for boys and girls aged 13–18. An Eastbourne College education develops pupils academically, broadens their experience outside the classroom and reinforces explicit, shared values. It prepares pupils to play full and effective roles in society.

The College places great emphasis on the importance of an education based on core values, relationship-building and community. In an educational world dominated by statistical measures of short-term academic success, the College combines academic rigour with a determination to educate children for the long term.

For many years, Eastbourne College has benefited not only pupils who can afford to pay the full fees but also a cross section of society by:

  • giving wider access to education irrespective of the ability to pay for it sharing facilities for the educational benefit of other young people educating pupils by involving them actively in the education of others, young and old

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