Newcastle College

About Newcastle College

NCG aspires to be a great place to work. We attract individuals who are adaptable and keen to create and meet new challenges for the organisation. We are flexible, hardworking and passionate about what we do. We have a "hands on" approach which meets all of the requirements of funders and gets the job done in as simple a way as possible, as fast as possible to the highest possible standards.

We give our leaders and their teams the opportunity to shape the working practices and future strategy of the business. Lots of interesting things come our way and we like to maximise these opportunities wherever possible. We have lots of very talented managers and staff who work most effectively with inspiring leaders; leaders who they can respect and who are sharp and assertive enough to cut to the heart of an issue.

Our senior managers are driven to develop the business and deliver high quality and innovation whilst promoting stability in the areas of the business that need it. We are also a data driven business and expect our managers to be aware of data in their areas and what it is telling them about performance and the interventions they would need to make.

We have robust and mature relationships with funders and sponsors and are extremely highly regarded in all our key market sectors. You will thrive in the role if you:


  • are passionate about our business, our learners and customers
  • are driven to succeed
  • are capable of delivering successful projects
  • can command respect at all levels
  • possess demonstrable business acumen
  • are bright, have ideas and can innovate
  • enjoy working as part of a vibrant team
  • are hard working
  • like variety and challenge

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