CV & Interview Tips

  • Top 10 Questions To Ask At A Job Interview
    Deciding on questions to ask the interviewer can be one of the most stressful parts of the interview process.
  • Your covering letter is an important document - a key part of your application to a prospective employer. It is surprising that jobseekers often pay scant attention to it
  • Congratulations – you’ve secured an interview. As with any teaching opportunity, it will take some work to prepare, execute and succeed at interview in Further Education (FE).
  • Your first task is to work out what you need to include in your CV. A CV is a record of your qualifications (education and on-the-job training), work experience and skills.
  • Further Education (FE) providers are broad in range, and have different approaches to recruitment. In this article we’ve concentrated on the processes in FE colleges.