Case Study - Veterinary Nursing Course Manager

Victoria Case Study

Victoria Bowes is a qualified veterinary nurse with 15 years of vast experience within emergency, medical, surgical and holistic animal practice to include grooming.

Why did you choose to work in FE?

I chose to work in FE as my specialism and passion is with animal care and veterinary nursing. I like that I get to teach what I love and this is shown to my students in my lesson delivery. The students that come into FE are very diverse so I also love the different skill set that I gain from teaching in this field.

Can you tell us a little about your current role in FE?

I am the veterinary nursing course manager. This means that I manage the course alongside the cirriculum administration manager. My responsibilities include planning of exams. Tracking of lesson delevery to the required syllabus content. I am also a lead internal quality assurer for the work based diploma in Animal care and Grooming. This role involves ensuring that the assessors are working to the required lead standards and that the students are being supported appropraitely. I also have to commmunicate with the external quality assurance team to assist with maintaing the standards that are awarding body lead.

What are your key interests?

I have such a wide subject delivery range in what I do but I am specifically specialised in emergency critical care veterinary nursing. I have an avid interest in science and anesthesia drugs. I work within the quality teams as I enjoy ensuring that the quality is met by the work set and marked.

Do you have any other roles or responsibilities?

Emergency Veterinary Nurse Vets Now; Birmingham,
Educational Consultant; Askham Bryan College,
Education Consultant; Central Qualifications,
Featured Author; Vet Practice Today,
Practical Examiner; Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons
as well as authoring two books.

Have you got any advice for other academics planning to work in FE? 

  1. Ensure you have good time management
  2. Ensure you are able to work with most systems within IT
  3. Ensure you have the passion to pass on to your students (This is key)

What have you enjoyed most about working in FE?

I enjoy being able to provide students with the experience and knowledge that I have gained within my vast and varied career exploits. This information can be invaluable in lessons to the students.

Did you face any particular challenges?

I have moderate identified learner needs, my college has been extremely supportive in aiding my requirements. They have ensured that I can complete any of the work that has been set by my managers.

What are the top three reasons you chose to work for your current institution?

  1. I attended as a student and it is an amazing place to work
  2. Its supportive staff structure
  3. Hands on animal experience

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