Case Study, Leanne Endacott - Funding and Transport Advisor

Leanne Endcott

What does your current job involve?

I help with the transport and bursary applications within our Advice & Guidance department, known as the Helpzone. Any Further Education students who are applying for bursary or discounted travel come to us and we assess and award for course materials, uniform or any other student essentials. We also process all the applications for free and discounted travel. Summer tends to be the busiest time of year, but students can come to us at any time.

How did you get started?

I started as an apprentice, dealing with face to face enquiries on the front desk. I then covered for a colleague within student admissions, which involved dealing with student applications for a specific department and booking interviews. After a reorganisation, the specific job role of funding and transport advisor was created. I’d already had some experience from helping out other colleagues, so following a successful interview I was appointed.

What was your route FE?

I came to the college to do beauty therapy after leaving school. I was a student here for three years and loved it, then went into industry for a year but decided it just wasn’t for me. I needed a complete career change, so when I saw this apprenticeship vacancy, I went for it and have progressed from there to where I am now. My apprenticeship involved me working for 4 days a week on the front desk, then studying for a 4 week block. I had assignments from lessons and my Training Officer would visit me and assess what I was doing. I’m just finishing a level 3 Business Administration qualification at the moment which has been really useful.

What do you enjoy about working in FE?

I’d never worked in education before, but I like the atmosphere here. I’m still quite new to my role and it’s busy sometimes, but I enjoy coming to work. I do get some nice feedback from parents too. Sometimes people are surprised by what they get awarded, and are really grateful for my help. It’s also close to home and everyone’s really supportive and friendly.

Do you have any advice for someone applying for a similar role?

If you like the look of a role and think you can do it, then have the confidence to go for it. I was unsure whether I was going to get the job, but I did.

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